When is the next FIFA exam date, scheduled and how is its organization planned for this session?

Next FIFA Exam Date

Number of Candidates and Success Rate previous FIFA exam date

Out of the 6,586 candidates who initially applied, 3,800 took the exam, and 1,962 of them (52%) passed. These successful candidates can now obtain a global transfer agent license.

Upcoming Exam and Licensing Requirement

The next exam is scheduled for September 20, 2023, and the use of licensed agents will become mandatory from October 1, 2023. Unsuccessful candidates can try again in September 2023, as well as in May and November 2024.

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Exam Organization dor the Next FIFA Exam Date

Around 300 managers from the FIFA Agents Platform contributed to organizing the exam. Professionals from 138 member associations participated in the exam, which took place across different time zones. Each candidate must bring their own computer.

Licensing System and Objectives

The licensing system is part of the FIFA Agent Regulations aimed at enhancing professional and ethical standards in the profession. After the ongoing transition period, the use of licensed football agents will become mandatory.

Additional Information

More details on the procedure to obtain an agent license can be found in the Agents section of the FIFA website.

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